Sunday, June 16, 2013

Season 6 Episode 1: Who are you really?

Season 6
Episode 1
"Who Are You Really?"
The season 6 premiere starts off right where we were left off in season 5, with Billith rising, except this time, we see it in his eyes. Pretty strange stuff, seeing the glow from Sookie's mouth. Eric and Sookie are running for their lives away from Billith, and the rest of the gang is too, only they are outside with GUN-HO Jason. While Eric's sister Nora is being very bossy and completely vague on who she is to Eric, towards Pam. 

Jason, and the gang meet up with Sookie and Eric, and as they are making their get away Billith appears outside of the burning building, completely nude, completely scar, staring evilly at them then flies off. This is where the Most beloved opening credits start.

There are new characters in this seasons True Blood, one of them being some political fool, who is obviously against vampires, but yet wants the production of true blood to start again??? Don't make sense. Jessica she's a fool. 

Pam, she's going nuts in which I don't blame her with the way Eric is being. I don't like Nora, I kinda hope her time in Trueblood is short this season. But still loving pam "I hate the beach, fish piss and sand up in your cootch"

The wolves, looking like Alcide is making his mark in the were world, and good for him. 

Wonder what's going to happen with Sam and Emma.

What the hell with the Fairy quads O.O

Looks to be an interesting season, can't wait to see what happens next.

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